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Why Bizonair is for you?

Bizonair is a free platform that allows your customers to buy your products online without creating a website.


But why would it be better than other pages that exist?

Simple, we believe that local businesses have a lot of potential, so when a potential customer is browsing for a store, they will first find those that are nearby. Your old customers will find you easily and potentials will be fascinated with your products.

What else can we do to have more clients?

Bizonair's concept is to make each business get its own stream (it's like having your own telesales channel). Imagine providing entertainment while offering your products, cool right?

Do you have time or don't like going out on camera?

No problem, Bizonair allows you to hire artists or you can join their streaming and offer your products on their channel, Exactly as a telesales channel, but with the difference that your audience is one click away from buying from your store

What we offer you?


Free Online Store

As easy as being able to have your products and photos, your customers are just one click away from having your products. Forget about those web pages where you compete with millions of businesses for having the lowest price, in bizonair you own the city


Increase your sales

Giving added value to your product is essential, but sometimes very difficult to transmit. Make a live stream to explain your products to your audience or offer entertainment in real time. With bizonair measure your sales and find the perfect strategy to get more customers.


Security & Transparency

Both the information of their clients and yours is very important, that is why we follow the best security protocols to ensure that nobody can access your information. Let's be transparent, through your panel you can see all your sales on a daily basis and ranking in comments; we want to help you grow.

Let's make some business

Are you willing to expand your way of doing business? We trust you, trust our effort and dedication that we have dedicated to this tool